God does have a health plan and it is based on the principles found in the Bible.  God does heal both naturally and supernaturally. People perish for lack of knowledge, and without the knowledge of God's ways we are led to our own demise. What will you learn in this course?

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Biblical Naturopathy

by Bill Yeary - IIFBC

As believers, God’s ultimate plan is that we walk in divine health and that is usually a learning process to grow into – spiritually, psychologically, and physically. Nothing is impossible with God, but with man there is always a possibility for stubbornness, lack of knowledge, and deception. God does expect us to depart from the ways that brought sickness upon us and to attempt to walk in health through the obedience of His Word. And then there are times that are beyond our understanding that only leaves us to trust in the sovereignty of God.

This course is required for:

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling program