Healthy boundaries are the property lines that define and protect you and your spouse as individuals. Once they are in place, a good marriage can become better or even saved from divorce. Counselors need to know how to help couples establish healthy boundaries.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand how to set and maintain personal boundaries and respect in marriage.

  • Understand how to put into practice two key ingredients to a successful marriage: freedom and responsibility

  • Establish values that form a godly structure and architecture in marriage.

  • Skills to protect marriage from different kinds of "intruders"

  • to work with a spouse who understands and values boundaries - or with one who doesn't

What to Expect

All work is self-paced and on an individual basis. Courses are designed to build upon the student’s accumulated knowledge while also instilling confidence for practical application. Once enrolled in a course, you will have access to all content. You will need the required textbook above to begin your studies. A PDF version of the final exam is available if you prefer to complete your test offline. You will need to submit your answers through this website in order for your test to be graded and the course completed. A grade of 85% is considered passing for each of the open book exams/assignments. 

All programs should be completed within 6 years. The student that is not able to complete their program of study within the time limit may be dropped from active student status unless they apply for an extension. Extensions for hardship cases may be applied for in writing.

Boundaries in Marriage

by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend, counselors and authors of the award-winning bestseller Boundaries, show couples how to apply the 10 laws of boundaries that can make a real difference in relationships. They help husbands and wives understand the friction points or serious hurts and betrayals in their marriage - and move beyond them to the mutual care, respect, affirmation, and intimacy they both long for.

This course is required for:

Master of Arts in Christian Counseling and Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling programs